Repton Security

Security Services &
Facilities Management

Risk Assessment / Strategic & Emergency Planning

Repton Security Ltd are well placed to provide all clients with the advice they need to resolve the varied security issues of the 21st Century. Management and senior staff are all qualified in Risk Assessment to Level 3 by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

Our Chief Consultant Carl Barker is a retired ACPO ranking Police Officer and is qualified to carry out all Strategic and Emergency Planning and Policy Reviews.

Our Managing Director Steve Rimmington is a retired Police Officer and former specialist Firearms Officer with considerable experience of pre–planned and dynamic operations.

Before you buy security services ask yourself the following questions:-

  • Why Do I Need a Professional Security Risk Assessment?
  • Do I have complete confidence in the security solution I have been offered or have in place?
  • Has the security solution been provided by qualified personnel, assessing my needs as a priority?

As you are probably aware, there are a myriad of security solutions and not all are suitable for a particular situation or site, either on operational, logistical or financial grounds. It is an unfortunate trait of the Security Industry that many service providers not only lack the necessary expertise or qualifications to give security advice, they only offer a product or solution that suits them – NOT YOU. We will focus on your needs.